Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate  

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Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate

Great email from a reader - 25 Sep 08


Not that these scientists are definitely right and the IPCC definitely wrong, but because it comprehensively, unequivocally, categorically and unanswerably demolishes any bogus claims by ANYONE that 'the science of climate change and its drivers is uncontested'.

If it were possible, I would circulate this document (Nature. Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate) with precisely that statement to:

  • 1. Every major media title in the World.

  • 2. Every finance house in the world.

  • 3. Every parliament in the world.

  • 4. Every 'green' organisation in the world.

  • 5. Every oil company in the world.

  • 6. Every political party in the world.

  • 7. Every secondary school in the world.

  • 8. Every department of geology, climatology, astrophysics, computing and paleobiology in the world.

  • 9. Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Warren Buffett and Rupert Murdoch, along with every other multibillionaire in the world.

  • 10. Every NGO you think should read it (WHO, UN, EU, World Bank, IMF etc etc)

  • 11. God, the Pope and every other religious leader in the World.

Whether you have that email mailing list may be open to question, but they say that you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows the Pope, the President and Tom Cruise, so I guess one can but hope!

At that point, ignorance can no longer be claimed. And at that point, lies become fraud and fraud, according to Uncle Sam, is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. you think Obama or McCain would have the gumption to put the fraudsters on trial? Hmm.........

Rhys Jaggar

See attached paper:
Nature. Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate
Edited by S. Fred Singer





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