Nacrous Clouds

Not by Fire but by Ice


Updated 8 August 06


  Record cold ... an indicator of global warming?

Nacrous clouds Antarctica : photo courtesy

2 Aug 06 – “Rare, mother-of-pearl coloured clouds caused by extreme
weather conditions above Antarctica are a possible indication of global
warming, Australian scientists said on Tuesday.

These clouds, called nacreous clouds, can only form in temperatures lower 
than minus 80C (-112F), said meteorologist Renae Baker. A weather balloon 
in the vicinity of the clouds about 20 km (12 miles) above the Earth's surface
measured temperatures as low as minus 87C (-124.6 F).

"That's about as cold as the lowest temperatures ever recorded on the surface 
of the Earth," said Baker, who photographed the clouds.

Australian Antarctic Division atmospheric scientist Andrew Klekociuk 
said temperatures in the stratosphere, between 8 and 50 km (5-31 miles) 
above Earth, would be expected to drop as global warming increases. 

Let's see if I understand this.
If it's warm, it's global warming..
If there's no change, it's global warming.
And if it's record cold? It must be global warming.

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