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NASA - Rewrite and confuse the public

I think this masks the possibility that we are headed
into the next Little Ice Age

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18 Jun 10 - "NASA is beefing up (sunspot) numbers and not measuring in a way where we can use their method to compare to previous cycles," says Accuweather meteorologist Joe Bastardi.

"Rewrite and confuse the public," says Bastardi. "The old method, as they were using back in the last downtime, would never say there was a sunspot. They are picking out what they term a sunspot now."

     I think Bastardi is spot on. I also think this masks the possibility that we
     are headed into the next Little Ice Age.

"The headlines are screaming at you in the U.K. Telegraph as sunspot cycle 24 continues along the predicted lines by the people who claim this will be a feeble cycle, not the NASA idea," says Bastardi. "However, like the IPCC, that won't stop them."

"Lest NOAA refuses to recall, this current sunspot cycle was supposed to be approaching its maxima from their forecast several years ago."

 "Due to the hysteria that is coming from our government today on almost anything... from melting ice caps to oil in loop currents (let's remember, it was May 7th that I was on national TV about the imminent threat of oil in the loop current. There is no question the threat is there, that is common sense, but so far it's vastly overplayed, given the idea it was supposed to get in there and be up the East Coast in a matter of weeks ... why shouldn't we question such authority?"

"It's like hurricane activity in 1933 and 2005... if we had the data sources we have now, chances are we would have seen many more storms in areas we didn't. So one has to understand that while we are advancing the way we look at things, we have to take it in context as far as whether the increase/decrease of these things is only because of the fact we can actually see them."

See all of Bastardi's commentary:
Thanks to Winona Campbell for this link


More accurate prediction of this sunspot cycle

According to Bastardi, you can find a far more accurate in the prediction of this sunspot cycle here:

Again, I agree.

With all of its modern technology and satellites like SOHO, NASA now counts
tinyspecks as sunspots that would not even have been seen 100 years ago, says
the landscheidt website. A tiny speck can get a daily count of 11 which severely
skews the record. On some days the Sun is completely blank but the records
show a sunspot count.

"The scientific record is becoming smeared," says Geoff Sharp, publisher of the
site. "We need a new standard to record sunspots and also give us a realistic
measure of today's activity versus the last Grand Minimum."





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