More prominent scientists speaking out almost daily

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More prominent scientists speaking out
almost daily


24 Oct 08

  • The most Antarctic sea ice on record was recorded in 2007. “Did you see [that fact] reported in the news?” asks Dr Richard Keen of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at the University of Colorado.
  • Climate fear promotes are “woefully misinformed, over impressed with themselves or less than honest,” says Dr. Walter Starck, who received his PhD in marine science in 1964.
  • “I count myself among the skeptics,” says Dr. Kenneth Rundt, PhD in physical chemistry and former research assistant and teacher at Abo Akademi University in Finland. “My personal belief is that natural forcings have more importance than anthropogenic forcings such as the CO2 level.”
  • There is “no proof” that CO2 is driving global temperatures, says Dr. Jarl R. Ahlbeck, lecturer of environmental technology, chemical engineer, and author of 200 scientific publications.
  • We 'Do Not Know Enough About The Atmospheric Changes' To 'Draw Any Conclusions About Global Warming', says Wayne Hocking, University of Western Ontario physics professor Wayne Hocking heads the Atmospheric Dynamics Group and co-editor of the 1990 book “The Earth's Middle Atmosphere"
  • “Even Doubling Or Tripling The Amount Of CO2' Will Have 'Little Impact' On Temperatures,” says Dr. Geoffrey G. Duffy, a professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering of the University of Auckland, NZ. Duffy has published 218 journal, peer-reviewed papers and conference papers including 10 patents and 62 technical reports.
  • “We Think That Natural Climatic Oscillations Contribute More To Earth Climatic Disturbances,” says Professor Ahmed Boucenna of the Physics Department and Science Faculty at Ferhat Abbas University in Setif, Algeria

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