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More Deep-Sea Volcanic Vents Discovered

But we still blame humans for heating the seas


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14 Feb 11 - "Scientists aboard the Royal Research Ship James Cook have discovered a new set of deep-sea volcanic vents in the chilly waters of the Southern Ocean," says this article in Science Daily.

This is the fourth set of hot springs to be discovered around Antarctica since 2009, the article continues, "which suggests that deep-sea vents may be more common in our oceans than previously thought."

Using underwater cameras, "the researchers saw slender mineral spires three metres tall, with shimmering hot water gushing from their peaks."

    One of the newly discovered vents.
    Image courtesy of National Oceanography
    Centre, Southampton, UK

"In the three decades since scientists first encountered vents in the Pacific, around 250 have been discovered worldwide. Most have been found on a chain of undersea volcanoes called the mid-ocean ridge, however, and very few are known in the Antarctic.

"We're finding deep-sea vents more rapidly than ever before," says expedition leader Professor Paul Tyler."

That "shimmering hot water" can reach almost 800 Fahrenheit hot, while the underlying lava heating the water can measure ten times the boiling point - up to 2,150F.

How many deep sea vents will we need to discover before we acknowledge that they - not humans - are heating the seas?

How many underwater volcanoes will we need to discover before we acknowledge that they - not humans - are heating the seas?

See entire article:
Thanks to Jimmy Walter for this link

The above story originally came from materials provided by National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK).




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