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Mexico - Incredible damage from
Hurricane Alex

Monterrey freeway in chaos

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2 Jul 10 - Hi Robert,
The news reports here are showing incredible water damage from Hurricane Alex in Monterrey, a city about 50 miles from Saltillo.  Monterrey is in the State of Nuevo Leon and with about 4 million population is the 3rd largest city in Mexico and the major industrial center in Northern Mexico. 
I have given you the URL´s of a couple of Youtube videos (there are several more) which show some of the flooding and damage.  The Santa Catarina river, which flows through Monterrey bisecting it, usually can´t even be seen during most of the year.  There are several major arterials which run alongside this river and all have sustained major damage. 
The damage is exacerbated by the fact that most roads have no storm drainage so 
are subject to being damaged more easily than those with storm drains.  Damage is 
also severe in many subdivisions and the TV news reports have shown complete
 streets totally destroyed with just piles of rubble in them not to mention dozens if 
not hundreds of buried or submerged vehicles.

Incredible precipitation!
Best regards, Alan Stover Saltillo, Coahuila, México ..........................
1 Jul 10 - Hi Robert,

We got our "share" of Hurricane Alex and over four inches of rain to boot.  The local papers had all their front pages devoted to the storm.  Vanguardia focused on the chaos created on the freeway between here and Monterrey.
The headline reads: "Saltillo - Monterrey freeway in chaos due to Alex"  The article goes on to say "The enormous (amount of) water (on the) streets caused flooding in many areas; numerous vehicles remained stalled."  The caption under the first large photo says  "Some vehicles were stalled by the enormous (amount of) water channel (led into the streets),"  The caption under the second large photo says "Many roads were severely affected." 
A second article  headline reads "Chaos in South-east Region of Coahuila due to Hurricane Alex" The caption of the first large photo in this article says "Enormous water concentrations appeared in several areas of Saltillo"  The caption of the second large photo says "Even heavy vehicles are having problems Getting around" 
The most notable thing to me has been the dramatic drop in temperature over the last 48 hours.  We were enjoying 32 - 35 C for the last few weeks and all of a sudden we are down to 20 C or less all over the immediate area.  It continues to rain as Hurricane Alex (now Tropical Storm Alex) blows itself out. 
It seems to me that we have experienced some cooling because of a hurricane, but aren´t hurricanes supposed to be symptomatic of global warming???  It is confusing to some, but I believe hurricanes occur whether or not the climate is warm or cold.  Case in point, the average surface temperature of Saturn is a chilly -180 degrees Celsius and a hurricane-like storm has been observed there.  Refer

Best regards.
Alan Stover




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