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Meteorologist expects monster La Nina -
Drastic cooling

Southern Hemisphere sea ice
now approaching record high levels


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25 Aug 10 - Although Northern Hemisphere LAND MASSES had their hottest May-July on record, says meteorologist Joe Bastardi, the globe as a whole did not.

The warmth ON LAND is a by-product of the years of warm Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO)  and El Nino, says Bastardi. The land kept warming after the water began to cool. It's "sort of like high tide in back bay occurring after it had occurred on the beach (oceans) and the tide is about to go out."

"If one uses common sense, one would understand that land masses with warm water next to them for years would warm greatly," says Bastardi.

Southern Hemisphere sea ice now approaching record high levels

However, "the expansion of the Southern Hemisphere sea ice, now approaching record high levels, ought to tell you something about the oceans immediately around the sea ice," says Bastardi. This large mass of water is cooling and has cooled most dramatically in the area where it is warmest (the tropical pacific).

"We see drastic cooling over land and IN THE ATLANTIC TOO. In fact, it basically keeps cooling the tropical Pacific into next year, then hammers away at the two areas warmest now - the Atlantic and the continents.  

Monster La Nina

In the next nine months Bastardi expects we will "see a monster of a La Nina, reminiscent of the 1950s." Over the coming decades, he expects "to see the Earth's temps retreat back to where they were in the late 1970s. (I expect to see them decline ever further.)

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