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Meteorologist -
Trifecta of natural global cooling is in place

Manmade global warming greatest hoax
in last century



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6 Oct 10 - Here's an email from a meteorologist in response to my article about the coming winter being the coldest in 1,000 years.


If their chilly forecast is even close to being right it would be devastating. I don’t know about the slowing of the Gulf Stream they’re talking about. However, what I call the trifecta of natural global cooling is in place: prolonged solar minimum, cold phase of the PDO, and increasing volcanic activity.

Also, those who say that global warming is causing an increase in tropical cyclones are wrong. Tropical cyclones serve the purpose of transferring excess heat and energy from the tropical and subtropical latitudes to the colder mid latitudes and polar latitudes. If temperatures were much warmer in the mid and polar latitudes and fairly uniform from the equator to the poles there would be less excess heat and energy in the tropical latitudes compared to the polar latitudes and thus fewer tropical cyclones would be needed to dissipate the excess heat and energy. Think about it.

Enjoy your perspective on climate and the articles you post on your site.

Troy Frame

Chief Meteorologist/Hurricane Specialist
Alert Weather Services
Lafayette LA USA

 I asked Troy for permission to post his e-mail because I think his allusion to a "trifecta of natural global cooling" is spot on. Here's his reply:


You certainly may post my email. I’m thankful for your site and other sites like ICECAP that are challenging the greatest hoax in at least the past century or possibly ever. Many of my fellow atmospheric scientists and meteorologists do not adhere to this claim/myth of anthropogenic or man-made greenhouse warming. Finally many ordinary Americans are now doubting the lies of politicians like Al Gore and his ilk.

Again, thanks for your work.

Best regards,



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