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Met Office winter forecast 'reckless misleading nonsense without scientific basis or skill,' says astrophysicist


3 Aug 09 - Email from a reader in Leeds, UK

          "Your friend astrophysicist Piers Corbyn of Weather Action is in
            fine form," says UK reader Rhys Jaggar. "The language is spot-on
           and brightened my Sunday morning considerably."

"The Met Office 'forecast' (issued 23 July) for winter 2009-10 to be probably milder and wetter than average is nonsense and entirely what one would expect them to say. Their religious belief in non-existent man-made Global Warming means they could not say anything different. Their forecast should be ignored absolutely. Statistically speaking the opposite to what they say has a success score of 5/5. ...  The Met Office stupidity cost the economy billions of pounds. 
"The fact is the world has been cooling for at least 7 years while CO2 has been rapidly rising. Our proven science explains why and shows the world cooling will generally continue at least to 2030 and the world will remain generally cooler than recently for a hundred years (see below**)"  
"Anyone who had an accident in winter because road-salt ran out should sue the Met Office and the local Council for negligence."  
          "I particularly enjoyed his final paragraph," says Rhys.
"Gordon Brown's welcome moves to more accountability of public life are being undermined by the green fools who mis-advise him on environmental matters and he should get rid of them. The dead hand of the promoters of climate hysteria is causing needless economic and personal suffering and unless stopped it will end in tears and leave us all worse off".
          "Whether it will work and who will be right this time we will of
           course see in the next 6 -7 months," Rhys continues, "but I'd
           suggest you guys start spreading this kind of language around
           the good ol' US of A."






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