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Met Office Now Warns of Global Cooling

5 Mar 08 - "A significant drop in global average temperature in January 2008 has led to speculation that the Earth is experiencing a period of sustained cooling.

"There are a number of natural factors contributing to so-called interannual variability, the single most important being the El Niņo Southern Oscillation or ENSO. The global climate is currently being influenced by the cold phase of this oscillation, known as La Niņa.

"The current La Niņa began to develop in early 2007, having a significant cooling effect on the global average temperature. Despite this, 2007 was one of the ten warmest years since global records began in 1850 with a temperature some 0.4 °C above average.

"The La Niņa has strengthened further during early 2008 and is now the strongest since 1988/89, significantly contributing to a lower January temperature in 2008 compared to recent years. In addition, global average temperature has been influenced by very cold land temperatures in parts of the northern hemisphere and extensive snow cover.

               Huh? Just what did that last sentence say? "Global 
               average temperature has been influenced by very cold 
               land temperatures." Do they not want us to notice that
               it has been cold on land as well as in the oceans?

"However, once La Niņa declines, it is very likely that renewed warming will occur as was the case when the Earth emerged from the strong La Niņa events of 1989 and 1999.

"January 2008 may seem particularly cold compared to January 2007 — the warmest January on record and largely due to the warming phenomenon El Niņo — but this merely demonstrates the year-to-year natural variations in our climate.

               Uh huh. When it gets colder, it’s "merely year-to-year 
               natural variations in our climate." But when it gets warmer?
               "Global warming," they scream.

"In future, while the trend in global temperatures is predicted to remain upwards, we will continue to see inherent variability of this kind.

               I think the Met office will be woefully surprised when 
               temperatures continue to decline.
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