Massive landslide destroys Russia's Valley of Geysers 

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5 Jun 07


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Massive landslide (snow?) 
destroys Russia's Valley of Geysers

5 Jun 07 – "A massive landslide has all but obliterated one of Russia's most spectacular natural wonders, the Valley of Geysers.

"The valley, in the Kronotsky national reserve in Kamchatka, the far-eastern peninsula famed for its volcanoes, contained about 90 geysers, as well as a number of thermal pools, and is the region's most popular tourist attraction.

"A snow-covered mound collapsed on Sunday "within seconds" and caused a landslide, about a mile long and 600 feet wide, that buried two thirds of the valley, a park ranger, Valery Tsypkov, said on Russian television.

"The landslide dumped millions of cubic metres of mud and stones and destroyed most of the valley's geysers and dozens of thermal springs. It stopped only yards from the valley's only hotel. Tourists and park personnel had to be evacuated, but no injuries were reported.

The headline claims "massive landslide," but the article goes on to say that a snow covered mound caused the landslide.

What, dare I ask, is a "snow-covered mound"?

As my friend Ken asks, I wonder if that "snow covered mound" came as a result of increasing snowfall?

If anyone knows whether or not there has been increased snowfall in the Kamchatka area, please let me know.

See entire article By Jim Heintz in Moscow
Thanks to skier Ken for this link



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