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License for homes article incorrect

Control and Tax bill does not require
licenses for homes ... yet


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14 Apr 10 -
About my article about being required to have a license for our homes, reader Garry (last name withheld) wrote to me saying that "www.scope said that it is not true, who do we believe?"

I couldn't find www.scope, but just now checked  Snopes agrees with Garry, saying that the Cap and Trade (Control and Tax) bill does not require licenses for homes ... yet.

However, Snopes does admit that the bill includes a "Building Retrofit Program," with funding for states to offer financial incentives for property owners to "voluntarily decide" to improve energy efficiency.

Uh huh. I can just guess where such a program would take us. Is this the same government that tries to tell us that paying taxes is "voluntary?"

And doesn't this sound suspiciously like a redistribution of wealth program?

During the past five years I've slowly replaced the windows in my home with more energy efficient windows. I've replaced my furnace with a more energy efficient furnace. I've replaced my water heater. I've replaced my dishwasher.

Now I'll be forced to pay for those same goodies for someone who couldn't be bothered to do it for themselves? 

It's a sad state of affairs when our legislators pass laws that they haven't bothered to read; laws to control a problem that does not exist.

Why should we trust them?

Thanks for pointing this out to me, Garry. The license for your home may not be required - yet - but I think it would be just a matter of time.

Here's the snopes article:

For my original article, see License Required for your Home

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