Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Not by Fire but by Ice




Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow 

2 Jun 06 - Even though summer snow and ice cover at the polar ice caps 
have reached unusually low levels in recent years, winter levels of ice and 
snow across many parts of the hemisphere are higher than they have been 
in many years, says D’Aleo, in some places higher than they’ve been in more 
than a century.

In the U.S. , it began in March of 1993, when the "Storm of the Century" 
dumped up to 4 feet of snow from Alabama to New York to New England  
with losses of $7.6 billion. Then the January "Blizzard of '96" deposited 
1 to 4 feet of snow over the Appalachians , Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast, 
followed by severe flooding due to rain and snowmelt inflicting approximately 
$3.5 billion damage.

That winter set all-time seasonal snowfall records in dozens of cities including
Boston (107.6" or 286% of normal), New York City (75.6 inches of 276% 
of normal), Philadelphia (63.1 inches or 303% or normal) and Baltimore , MD
(63.5 inches or 303% of normal)

In the last few years, all-time single storm records have been shattered in the
northeast. Just this year, a February blizzard set new all-time snowstorm record 
for Central Park in New York City with 26.9 inches. In February 2003 a new
all-time snowfall record was set in Boston with 27.5 inches. A January 2005
blizzard brought 22.5" at Boston 's Logan Airport , along with high winds, 6 foot
drifts and bitterly cold temperatures. Many measurements near Logan were
 27-28", making the storm comparable to the blizzard of '78.

Boston since 1992/93 has had 5 years that rank among the top 10% snowiest
winters in more than 130 years of records keeping, including numbers 1, 3, 5, 
and 7. A 12-year running mean of average snowfall from 1993/94 through
2004/05 shows the highest average snowfall for Boston dating back to the 1880s.




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