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Leading US physicist marvels at NOAA's
“scientific incompetence
or completely unethical behavior"

NOAA systemically excised data
with ‘poor and biased interpolations’


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19 Aug 10 - With growing evidence of systemic global warming data flaws by government climatologists, respected American physicist Dr Charles R. Anderson marvels at NOAA's “scientific incompetence or completely unethical behavior."

“Both higher altitudes and higher latitudes have been systematically removed from the measured temperature record with very poor and biased interpolated results taking their place,” says Anderson

Anderson, a successful Materials Physicist with his own laboratory, was quick to spot sinister flaws in official temperatures across northern Lake Michigan as revealed in earlier articles by whistle-blower John O’Sullivan.

Lake temperatures supposedly ranged up to 604 degrees Fahrenheit

“I had proven that the website operated by the Michigan State University had published ridiculously high surface water temperatures widely distributed over the lake many indicating super-boiling conditions,” says O’Sullivan. “The fear is that these anomalies have been fed across the entire satellite dataset. We have since learned there are now five key satellites that have become either degraded or seriously comprised.”

In his post Satellite Temperature Record Now Unreliable Anderson reveals that “there may now be thousands of temperatures in the range of 415-604 degrees Fahrenheit automatically fed into computer climate models and contaminating climate models with a substantial warming bias. This may have gone on for a far longer period than the five years originally identified.”

“One has to marvel at either the scientific incompetence this reveals or the completely unethical behavior of NOAA and its paid researchers that is laid open before us,” says Anderson.

NOAA proven to have engaged in long-term cover up

“My investigations are increasingly proving that such data was flagged by non-NOAA agencies years ago,” says O’Sullivan, “but NOAA declined to publish notice of the faults until the problem was publicized loudly and widely in my first ‘satellitegate’ article, US Government in Massive New Global Warming Scandal  NOAA Disgraced.”

NOAA finally conceded that O’Sullivan’s story was accurate in the face of the evidence.

Censorship between 2005-10

“Even more sinister is the fact that the official online summary now only shows events recorded up to 2005,” says O’Sullivan. “All subsequent notations, that was (sic) on NOAA’s web pages last week and showed entries inclusive to summer 2010, have now been removed. However, is displaying a sample of the missing evidence copied before NOAA took down the revealing web pages after it entered into ‘damage limitation mode.’

Serious flaws affect up to five U.S. satellites

“We are also learning that major systemic failures in the rest of the satellite global data-collecting network were also not reported,” O’Sullivan continues. “Such serious flaws affect up to five U.S satellites.”

NOAA-17 appears in even worse condition. On February 12 and 19 2010 NOAA-17 concedes it has ” AVHRR Scan Motor Degradation” with “Product(s) or Data Impacted.”

Beleaguered NOAA customers have been told, “direct readout users are going to have to deal with the missing data gaps as best they can.”

No reliable worldwide temperature records

On his blog, Dr. Anderson sums up saying; “It is now perfectly clear that there are no reliable worldwide temperature records and that we have little more than anecdotal information on the temperature history of the Earth.”

See entire article by John O’Sullivan:

John O’Sullivan is a legal analyst, author and journalist. As an accredited academic, John taught and lectured for over twenty years at schools and colleges in the east of England before moving to the United States. As an analytical commentator, O’Sullivan has published over 100 major articles worldwide.


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