Lake Crescent

Not by Fire but by Ice


 Updated 5 September 2005      


Mountain in the middle of Lake Crescent, Washington

Veteran diver Bill Walker has discovered a mountain smack in the middle 
of Lake Crescent , Washington -- and a trench nearby that may hold an 
unbroken geological record of the region since the last Ice Age.

Walker, of Burien, Washington discovered the 450-foot-high mount on 
August. 11 and returned to it with other divers Saturday.

`It comes up dramatically, right center in the middle of the lake,'' he said, 
and covers about two-thirds of an acre.

Maps of the lake say it is supposed to be 500 feet deep at that spot -- latitude north 48 degrees, 4 minutes, 29 seconds, and longitude west 123 degrees, 47 minutes, 91 seconds, according to Walker's global positioning system, and lies six-tenths of a mile due magnetic north of the Barnes Point boat launch.

The mount -- which geologists would call a moraine -- looks as if a giant barge filled with mammoth rocks tipped its load into the lake, Walker said.

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