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Katla shows signs of increased activity

Media not yet reporting on this dramatic increase


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8 Jun 10 - Fears are growing that the Katla volcano in Iceland - larger and more dangerous than Eyjafjallajökull - could soon erupt. A report from the University College London (UCL) institute for risk and disaster reduction has outlined that “An eruption in the short term is a strong possibility”.

In its initial research paper it said: “Analysis of the seismic energy released around Katla over the last decade or so is interpreted as providing evidence of a rising … intrusive magma body on the western flank of the volcano.” Seismic readings of the volcano indicate the tremors around the area have increased substantially. Four earthquakes were detected near Katla during a 12-hour period on May 21st, more than at any other time since the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruptions first occurred in March.

In the past 1,000 years, all three known eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull have triggered subsequent Katla eruptions.

Geophysicists at Iceland’s Institute of Earth Sciences say Katla would be locally and globally damaging.
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Here's a link to the earthquake map:
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          "Oddly, the media is not yet reporting on this dramatic increase,"
            says Thomas. The situation should be monitored closely to see
            what happens."




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