Kangaroos in the top paddock

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Kangaroos in the top paddock

One of Australia’s most outspoken critics of the global warming theorists told a conference in Australia that carbon dioxide has not influenced global climate change.

17 Mar 08 - Professor Ian Plimer, a renowned educator and author, told the Paydirt 2008 Uranium Conference in Adelaide today that the blame factor applied to CO2 in causing global warming was wrong.

The University of Adelaide Professor of Mining Geology said: "Humans have adapted to life on earth ranging from ice sheets to mountains to tropics and have survived far warmer and far colder climates than currently being experienced or forecast by the climate doomists.

"The human contribution is minor. The majority of CO2 in the crustal atmospheric layers comes from volcanoes, earthquakes, pulling apart of the ocean floor, metamorphism, hot flushes of the Earth, ocean degassing, plant bacteria and comets," he explained.

"Super volcanoes such as Toba, Yellowstone, and Taupo have been the worst offenders. Just one volcano alone, Milos (Greece), produces 2% of the Earth's CO2 atmospheric levels from a hot spring the size of a table", according to Plimer. "Few people realise that water vapour in the atmosphere provides 96% of the greenhouse effect, raising temperature from minus 18 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius."

"If we think the citizens and governments of India and China will forego wealth and a higher standard of living for the good of the world, then we have kangaroos in the top paddock," he declared. "Whatever Australia does will have no effect on India and China, will have no effect on global atmospheric emissions and will only contract our economy.'

"Until we know how climate changes naturally, then it would be folly to make structural changes to the economy based on incomplete scientific data."

"Instead, the Greens opt to pressure democratically elected governments to reject a large body of science in favour of authoritarianism and promote polices which create unemployment and economic contraction," Plimer noted.

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