'Junuary’ weather confounds farmers

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'Junuary’ weather confounds farmers


14 Jun 08 - The near-record cold rainy weather that’s prompting some to dub this month “Junuary” is proving especially miserable for local farmers.

Vegetable growers have had trouble planting their crops in soggy fields and some now expect to lose part of their crop.

Darlene Wong, of Howard Wong Farms and produce market on Riverside Road in Abbotsford, said her family will have to reseed a lot of their veggies.

David Jones of Environment Canada said temperature highs have averaged five to eight degrees below normal. On June 5 the temperature in Vancouver only got up to 11 C, matching the all-time record set in 1954 for the coldest daily high June temperature. What’s more, we’ve already matched the average rainfall for the entire month.

B.C. Blueberry Council executive director Will Van Baalen said “We’re two weeks late from last year, which also wasn’t an early year.”  

Henry Wiens, manager of the Fraser Valley Strawberry Growers Association, said the cold spring has also delayed and shortened the strawberry season.

See entire article by Jeff Nagel and Rochelle Baker - Abbotsford News http://www.bclocalnews.com/fraser_valley/abbynews/news/19911179.html
Thanks to Norm Smith in Chilliwack, BC for this link 





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