Is the American Physical Society being honest with its members about global warming?

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Is the American Physical Society being honest with its members about global warming?


23 Jul 08 - I received a thoughtful email from a member of the American Physical Society (APS) who thought I had been unfair to his group concerning its stance on anthropogenic global warming. After all, the APS insists that Lord Monckton’s paper was not peer reviewed.

But when the APS member reads Lord Monckton’s response (below), he may question whether the leadership of his group is being honest with him.

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Dear Lord Monckton,
“Was the paper you wrote peer reviewed…?”



Lord Monckton’s Response

“Oh, yes, it was peer-reviewed, all right, and by no less a personage than one of the editors, an eminent professor of physics, who went through it with a fine-tooth comb and then sent me a long list of reviewer's comments, asking - rightly - that I should explain the derivation of every equation so that a non-climatological physicist could understand exactly what was going on. My amendments in the light of his questions lengthened the paper from 5000 to 8000 words, making it easily the largest paper they've published. The only sense in which it was not peer-reviewed is that the editors did not send it out to a third party for his comments. However, one is surely splitting hairs here - one editor commissioned the paper and liked the first draft very much: the other editor then reviewed it and also liked it very much, and was therefore prepared to devote some considerable time and effort to reviewing it and recommending revisions and clarifications, which I was o f course happy to provide.

“However, we must stand by the editors here: the APS is plainly furious with them for having allowed free speech on a subject that had been declared closed. It will no doubt dawn on the APS in due course that the correct response, rather than red-flagging the paper as they have, and rather mendaciously stating that the paper was not peer-reviewed, is to invite an alarmist to tear it to shreds in the next issue. I'm sure that is what will happen, and will be interested to see the extent (if any) to which the demolition of my equations is done ad rem rather than ad hominem. – C”

               (Lord Monckton gave me permission to publish this

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