Is Robert on the take?

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Is Robert on the take?

14 Feb 09 - Email from an angry reader:


What is amazing these days is how people get so into their belief systems that they forget to look out the window.

Are you one of these people?

Australia is hot hot hot and burning up.

Why are you ignoring this?

Getting paid to?

Listen, I love you web site and books – but I am beginning to wonder if you are on the take.

Please – I live in CA and it is warm in the LA area – but I am very aware that most of the rest of the country is having a cold winter.

Can you please run a balanced web site.

David Keller

.. . . . . .  

Hi David,

Many, many of my readers live in Australia. Some of them are enduring a living hell right now, and I feel truly sad for them. Record heat and firestorms are not my idea of a good time. Amazingly, no one in Australia has written to me to complain about their circumstances.

I’m very aware of their plight, because when I turn on the TV I see pictures of Australia burning up. When I look at Internet news, I see stories about Australia burning up. Last weekend my Sunday paper devoted half  a page to Australia burning up.

That’s why I’m not covering it, because news of Australia’s record heat is already being jammed down our throats.

But did your local radio station tell you that 10 states were hammered by record snows this week?

Did your local TV station tell you that Maine endured its coldest temperatures on record this week?

Did your local TV station mention that the Maine temperature of minus 50 degrees tied the low-temperature record for all of New England since records-keeping began?

Did you notice how quickly the Internet stories about the huge snowstorms in Britain disappeared from the news?  

Did you notice how quickly the Internet stories about Snow covers United Arab Emirates mountain for the first time in recorded history?

Did you notice how quickly the Internet stories about the Killer Snow in Morocco
disappeared from the news?

Do you call that balance?

The scales are already overwhelmingly tipped toward the human-caused global warming crowd. They do not need my help in disseminating their one-sided reporting.

That’s why you don’t read about record highs on my website. I think I am providing some much needed balance.

No apologies here.

P.S. For the record, I receive no funding from any company, any corporation, or any organization. None. Zero.

However, if you'd like to send a check . . .






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