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7 November 07


Indonesia's volcanoes rumble to life
6 Nov 07 - With no fewer than four volcanoes on his watch suddenly rumbling to life, Indonesia's top volcano watcher, Surono, has had a frantic time in the past month.

The head of Indonesia's Center for Vulcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation and his colleagues are keeping a close eye on the famous Anak Krakatau, or "Child of Krakatau," and on Java's Mount Kelud.

While Surono kept a close watch on Kelud, whose crater lake has turned from blue to white because of all the sulfur bubbling up from inside the volcano, some of his colleagues have been dispatched to the Sunda strait separating Java and Sumatra to monitor Anak Krakatau.

About 5,000 people died in 1919 when Kelud spewed scalding water from its crater lake.

On Saturday, the lake's temperature surged and the frequency of tremors went off the scale and could no longer be read by instruments, but so far, the energy has only sent boiling water spilling from the crater lake down one side.

            Boiling water spilling from the lake ...
            and we wonder what is heating our seas?

Tourists have been told to stay away as Child of Krakatau is spewing ash. The volcano was gradually formed after its famous "parent" Krakatau blew up in a massive eruption in 1883, triggering tsunamis and killing thousands of people.

Alerts have also been issued for Mount Soputan, in North Sulawesi, which erupted last month spewing columns of ash 1,000 meters high, and Mount Karangetan off Sulawesi island.

Indonesia has the highest number of active volcanoes of any country, sitting on a belt of intense seismic activity known as the "Pacific Ring of Fire."

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