In rural Alaska villages, families struggle to survive

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In rural Alaska villages, families struggle to survive


9 Feb 09 - (CNN) – “Thousands of villagers in rural Alaska are struggling to survive, forced to choose between keeping their families warm and keeping their stomachs full, residents say.

“Harvested nuts and berries, small game animals, and dried fish are the only things keeping some from starving.

          The article goes on to give heart-rending stories of how residents
          normally take two snowmobiles when they go to the next town to
          go shopping in case one snowmobile breaks down. But now they
          can't afford the fuel - $50 per trip - so they just take one snowmobile
          and hope for the best. 

“In many stores, 2 pounds of cheese costs between $15 and $18, milk costs $10 a gallon, a 5-pound bag of apples costs $15, and a dozen eggs costs $22 -- more than double the price in the area just two years ago.

“On top of high food prices, some residents are paying nearly $1,500 a month to heat their homes.

          And finally, way into the heart of the article (which is much longer
          than this), they finally get to the reason.

‘Then a brutal early winter brought the longest cold snap in five years. In September the temperature in many villages dropped as low as 20 degrees, a record low for many, according to the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy.

‘The 1,200-mile Yukon River, which the villages use as a highway, froze completely in September, at least two months earlier than usual. That left residents cut off from some basic necessities, and forced them to have pricey bulk fuel flown in.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's office said the state is trying to find a way to free up government help.

           Maybe we could ship some of that horrible CO2 to them to help
           warm them.
Thanks to John (JT) Tregidga and Chris Tilley for this link

           “Another coming ice age example of what is in store for
            most people,” says JT.

            I agree.

           "Could this be a prelude to things to come?" Chris asks.
            Yes, I fear that it is, especially if the people haters get their way.




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