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If we cut our emissions today,

temperatures will not drop for 1000 years

  A lot of people are waking up to this scam

Hilarious audio
(If it weren't so scary)


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29 Mar 11

Dear Mr. Felix,

I am an Australian citizen and an avid fan of your site Not by Fire but by Ice. I congratulate you on the reality you present regarding the situation of "Climate Change" etc., with hundreds of hours of great reading and audios by real scientist.

We have in Australia a Professor Tim Flannery (Australian of the Year) whom the Gillard Labor/Green Government has appointed to head a panel to convince the Australian people that "carbon" is increasing the worlds temperature and a Carbon Tax is required to stop the Earth from warming.

Firstly, we know that the science is far from settled and the Earth is not warming as these Fabian Socialist Governments claim, so as to squeeze as much money from the dumb gullible people.

Secondly, Professor Flannery is being paid an extremely high salary to try and convince us all of the impending doom and gloom.

A lot of people are waking up to this scam and simple questions are now being asked which cannot be answered.

1. How much will it cost? and
2. What will it achieve?

Here is a link to a short audio interview from late last week that you may like to listen to.  I find it hilarious and I'm sure you and your readers will to.

Thank you once again and

Best regards,
Casey Zevenbergen

The host asks:

"Cutting our emissions by five percent ... how much will that lower our temperatures by?"

Flannery answers:

"If we cut our emissions today, temperatures will not likely drop for several hundred, perhaps a thousand, years."


"So we spend trillions of dollars and.... What do you say to someone who's going to lose their job because of your policies?"


 No answer.


I wanted to comment on a story that you have posted on your website about the idea that temperatures will not drop for a thousand years if we cut emissions now. Amazing is all I can really say. It is the direct opposite of what the Vostok ice core shows. The data from the core shows that temperatures will drop before CO2  levels drop. What the person in the story was implying is that the opposite would be true. I don't believe any real world scientific evidence supports that claim.
                                                              - Dan Hammer

Hi Dan.
I agree with you. That's why I called the story hilarious. Temperatures will drop before CO2 levels drop. BEFORE. Not after.

They've got it backwards. CO2 levels do not drive the climate, they RESPOND to the climate. The oceans are a CO2 sink. When the oceans warm, they release CO2. When they cool, they absorb CO2. It has nothing to do with human activities.                     - Robert




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