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Iceland volcano

Great changes during past hour

Flood has greatly increased

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14 Apr 10 - "Great changes have occurred over the last hour," says

The walking bridge over the lagoon has disappeared and the flood has greatly increased from the glacial tongue Gígjökull, reaching halfway to the Markarfljót river.

People in cars who are currently by the river should get to Hvolsvöllur as soon as possible. The Civil Defense Agency requests those who went to tend animals in Landeyjar to do the same. They are urged to get themselves to Hvolsvöllur immediately.

Geologists flying over Eyjafjallajökull say that a large fault trough (graben) has formed around the crater, which is up under the summit of the glacier.

There is ash fall to the east close to Fimmvörduháls, and the cloud of volcanic ash and smoke has now risen up to 22,000 feet.

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