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Ice-age lake beginning to recharge?

Email from reader

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6 Jul 10

Hi Robert, 

Manitoba's Interlake continues to flood. Peguis reserve has had to evacuate well over 100 people and now the town of Ashern is flooding. A mud dike is all that is holding a wall of water back. The towns cemetery is under water and only the very tops of large headstones can be seen. If the dike gives way the town will be under 3 feet of water.

It is interesting to note that Peguis is near Lake Winnipeg and Ashern is near Lake Manitoba. This shows that both lakes are growing. Global cooling began 10 years ago and interestingly enough Ashern has flooded in 5 of those 10 years. This would seem to corroborate my theory that both lakes are on the way to joining into one lake again as it was at the end of the last ice age and very likely in the years leading up to it. 

                                                                 - C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, Manitoba


      I think the reader could be on to something. He is referring to Lake Agassiz,
an immense glacial lake in the center of North America.

      At its greatest extent, Lake Agassiz covered much of Manitoba, western
      Ontario, northern Minnesota, eastern North Dakota and Saskatchewan -
      an area larger than all of the modern Great Lakes combined - and held
      more water than all lakes in the world today.

      Lake Winnipeg, Lake Winnipegosis, Lake Manitoba, and Lake of the Woods,
      among others, are relics of the ancient lake.

      See map:



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