Not by Fire but by Ice


Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs . . . and Why it Could Soon Kill Us


I love Not by Fire but by Ice

Carl Gall

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You have no idea how much I have enjoyed your book, "Not by Fire but by Ice". I love it. I am a big believer that the Holocene period is close to a end. When the ice age happens I don't see how 90% plus of the bipeds are not taken out.

I got interested in global cooling through astronomy. I was at the Boise Astronomic Society star party last fall. I brought up to the regulars about the AGW BS but they were true believers. I was taken back as I thought they would know better.  In 15 min I had them back on their heels.

Not that I am great, it's just that at star parties these days, in the daylight there are lots of solar telescopes. I had a nice one but traded it off. Best move ever, as for almost 4 years there has been a dead sun as for as sun spots , solar flux etc. These guys knew that, and when, why and how I knew they got interested. A name or two and they logged on the web, and when I left, I had some people thinking different. Jupiter's orbit is not rocket science. What did not make sense to me was in the ice ages you get 2 miles of ice at Chicago. I mean, cold air can't move that kind of water around. Bingo, hot water.

What I love about all this, is most modern bipeds believe we are doing irreversible harm to the planet. They don't realize, they are in the earth's sights for extinction,. maybe this ice age will clean up the gene pool.

Keep up the good work.

Carl Gall



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