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Huge quake hits Christchurch, NZ  

Horror and chaos


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22 Feb 11 - Christchurch has been hit by a 6.3 magnitude quake 5km deep and 10km southeast of the city – closer and shallower than the 7.1 jolt that hit the city on September 4.

Here's how reports describe the scene:

Horror and chaos. Dead bodies lying around. Christchurch Airport closed. Cars completely crushed. Emergency services trying to extract people from rubble. People trapped in buildings. "Very violent" shaking.

Roads completely torn up. Sewage coming up and flooding. Elderly are all crying. People can't get out of their houses. Cars halfway sunken into the road. A bus sunken halfway into the road

It smells horrible. Roads packed with cars. Not enough police or ambulances. Houses all collapsing. A total war zone. Many large aftershocks. The spire on the Christchurch Cathedral has collapsed.

"Mate, this is chaos," said NBR Christchurch reporter Chris Hutching (whose wife and family are safe). "It's incredible ... I'm in the middle of town now ... This time people have been killed ... Latimer Square is full of people who have been evacuated out, all very upset. One woman was saying how Cashel Mall had collapsed and she thought there were dead people there ... I have just been ordered off the scene of one collapsed building where the police told me there were dead people underneath."

See entire articles and amazing photos:
Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for these links

"There's such devastation because this earthquake was only 5 km deep," says Stephanie. "The last one was 33 km deep (heard this on the news)."


I want to respond to the quote from your reader (above) about the New Zealand Quake because I heard the same. The media is saying that this quake seems worse because of the shallowness, as compared to the 7.0 that hit in September. However, if you look at the USGS site, it shows them at the same depth. Someone's fibbing here!

Thomas Loher

Sept. 4. 2010   mag.  7.0       Depth 5 km (3.1 miles )NEAR Christchurch, New Zealand

Feb. 22, 2011  mag. 6.3        Depth 5 km (3.1 miles ) 30 miles W of Christchurch, New Zealand





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