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Huangshang Mountains Electrically Machined?

Electrical machining

from an upward flow of electricity



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"Carved by the Gods." Credit: Garry Maxfield

26 Jan 11 - "Rather than the slow processes of plate tectonics, wind, and weather there is another process that can cause exactly the same events but in an almost instantaneous period: electric discharge, or "spark machining," says photographer Garry Maxfield. "Electric currents might once have flowed through Earth's conductive strata with energies like nothing we know today."

"For instance, the Huangshang or Yellow Mountains in China is sacred mountain range with hundreds of spires that taper at the top. This range is not a soft sandstone but a hard granite type rock.

"A close look at the tops of the peaks reveals structures that cause one to question whether water could have formed them," says Maxfield. "Stone obelisks of rock almost 100 meters high alongside smaller versions reveal that they are pointed, not weathered and rounded. Water erosion?"

"An alternate explanation is that this is an example of electrical machining from an upward flow of electricity."

I absolutely agree, and I think it happens during magnetic reversals.
Here's what I say in "Not by Fire but by Ice" (p. 116):  

Though not well understood, naturally occurring electrical currents, called electrotelluric currents, flow on and through the earth's crust all the time. Generally flowing parallel to the crust, electrotelluric currents are frequently used by geo-physicists to map subsurface structural features such as faults, sedimentary basins, and layered rocks. Anomalies in current density or gradient indicate a change in subsurface conditions. Electrotelluric currents are induced by variations in the earth's magnetic field, says Theodore Madden, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

If electrotelluric currents are induced by normal everyday variations in the earth's magnetic field, imagine what a full-fledged magnetic reversal would do.

See entire article by Garry Maxfield
Thanks to Dr. F. Kirk Millward for this link




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