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Headed for a “year without a summer?”


10 Jun 09 – AccuWeather's Joe Bastardi talks of the “colder-than-normal weather across the northern tier of the country,” says reader Charles Patrick. Bastardi also concludes that “areas from the northern Plains into the Northeast will have a "year without a summer."

“The last time this happened was the Tamboro eruption in 1815 followed by a year without a summer in 1816,” says Patrick.  “A time US locals from Virginia to Maine called "Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death." 

Examples:  "...In May 1816,[4] however, frost killed off most of the crops that had been planted, and in June two large snowstorms in eastern Canada and New England resulted in many human deaths. Nearly a foot (30 cm) of snow was observed in Quebec City in early June, with consequent additional loss of crops—most summer growing plants have cell walls which rupture in a mild frost, let alone a snowstorm coating the soils. The result was widespread localized famines, and further deaths from those who, in a hunger-weakened state, then succumbed to disease.  ...In the ensuing bitter winter of 1817, when the thermometer dropped to -26°F (-32 °C), the waters of New York’s Upper Bay froze so hard that horse-drawn sleighs were driven across Buttermilk Channel from Brooklyn to Governors Island.[6]  The effects were widespread and lasted beyond the winter. In eastern Switzerland, the summers of 1816 and 1817 were so cool that an ice dam formed below a tongue of the Giétroz glacier high in the Val de Bagnes; in spite of the efforts of the engineer Ignaz Venetz to drain the growing lake, the ice dam collapsed catastrophically in June 1818.[7]"

"Granted, the problem went away within a couple years, but there's no volcano this time - just the sun which isn't going anywhere. 

"If the sun remains dormant as it has," Patrick ends, "the summers of 2010-2012 should prove very interesting."

See accuweather article: mp;article=9





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