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Hank Tennekes was right after all

Holland’s biggest daily newspaper, De Telegraaf, admits the country's most famous skeptic was correct.

"I'm much more anxious about the cooling of the earth,"
says the world-renowned meteorologist.

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20 Feb 10 - "Gagged! Thrown out on the street! In the nineties, Henk Tennekes was made to clear his desk and resign as Director of the KNMI (Dutch Meteorological Institute)," says this article in De Telegraaf.

"His sin? In a newspaper column the world-renowned meteorologist had disproved all the bold claims about climate change....

“When that column was published, my associates complained behind my back to the big boss, Harry Fijnaut.” Henk, within two years you’ll be out on the street” said Harry. In fact, it took him three years because he first had to invent a reorganization which would make my position superfluous. That’s how those top level bureaucrats arrange things."…

"And so Tennekes became the first climate exile in the Netherlands…

"In the meantime, “hard proof” for the greenhouse effect evaporated. After all the scandal surrounding the UN IPCC panel, the sceptics voice can finally be heard…

The now 73-year-old scientist asks, “Why does the IPCC ignore the oceans? The top 2 metres of all sea-water contain as much heat as the total amount of heat in the atmosphere. Why has the topmost kilometre of the oceans turned colder during the last five years? We don’t know. Until we understand what is happening with the heat in the oceans, the models which aim to predict the climate are totally useless…

“No, I’m not surprised about the fuss surrounding current climate research… IPCC is run by an intimate clique of only a few dozen people... a small clique that tolerates no contradiction, and equates dissenters to Holocaust deniers.”

"I'm much more anxious about the cooling of the earth," says Tennekes. "The ultimate fate of this planet is a new ice age. If the main wheat belts of the Northern hemisphere fail to produce their much needed harvest, heaven knows how we will feed ourselves."

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