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Great articles discussing Climategate

26 Nov 09

Some of the Latest Articles Discussing Climategate: 

Investors Business Daily Editorial: "Climate Con Job"
“These scientists, if they can still be called that, have successfully conned the world into believing that radical and costly remediation is needed to stop the planet from overheating. They have needlessly menaced people and taken taxpayer funds to perpetuate the deception. They need to he held accountable.”
See entire article:

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Viscount Monckton: 'They Are Criminals"

“What have the mainstream news media said about the Climategate affair? Remarkably little. The few who have brought themselves to comment, through gritted teeth, have said that all of this is a storm in a teacup, and that their friends in the University of East Anglia and elsewhere in the climatological community are good people, really.

No, they’re not. They’re criminals.” m-exclusive/?print=1

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Wall Street Journal editorial: "Global Warming with the Lid Off"
“Some of those mentioned in the emails have responded to our requests for comment by saying they must first chat with their lawyers. Others have offered legal threats and personal invective. Still others have said nothing at all. Those who have responded have insisted that the emails reveal nothing more than trivial data discrepancies and procedural debates.

“Yet all of these nonresponses manage to underscore what may be the most revealing truth: That these scientists feel the public doesn't have a right to know the basis for their climate-change predictions, even as their governments prepare staggeringly expensive legislation in response to them. “

See entire article: mostpop_read

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Ian Murray:
"Three Things You Absolutely Must Know About Climategate"
“First, the scientists discuss manipulating data to get their preferred results. The most prominently featured scientists are paleoclimatologists, who reconstruct historical temperatures and who were responsible for a series of reconstructions that seemed to show a sharp rise in temperatures well above historical variation in recent decades.

“Secondly, scientists on several occasions discussed methods of subverting the scientific peer review process to ensure that skeptical papers had no access to publication.

“Finally, the scientists worked to circumvent the Freedom of Information process of the United Kingdom.” t=1

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Wall Street Journal article by Keith Johnson:
"Climate Emails Stoke Debate"

“Phil Jones, the director of the East Anglia climate center, suggested to climate scientist Michael Mann of Penn State University that skeptics' research was unwelcome: We "will keep them out somehow -- even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!" Neither man could be reached for comment Sunday. “ 
[May have to be entered manually]

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Another article in Wall Street Journal
by Keith Johnson and Gautam Naik:
"Lawmakers Probe Climate Emails"

“Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.), an outspoken critic of the view that humans are causing global warming, said that in light of the emails, he will call for an investigation into the state of climate science if the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works doesn't act soon.”

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From the amusing blogger for the Wall Street Journal, James Taranto: "Settled Science?"
“(Michael) Mann, who directs Penn State's Earth System Science Center, said the e-mails reflected the sort of "vigorous debate" researchers engage in before reaching scientific conclusions. "

“This is downright Orwellian. What the Post describes is not a vigorous debate but an attempt to suppress debate--to politicize the process of scientific inquiry so that it yields a predetermined result. This does not, in itself, prove the global warmists wrong. But it raises a glaring question: If they have the facts on their side, why do they need to resort to tactics of suppression and intimidation?”

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And this one "You've Taken the Words Out of My Mouth"

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Canadian climate scientist Tim Ball and Judi McLeod on the involvement of President Obama's science advisor: "Obama's Science Czar John Holdren involved in unwinding 'Climategate' scandal" [H/t Marc Morano - Climate Depot] 

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Washington Times article by Stephen Dinan
"Browner says hacked e-mails don't change anything"

(Carol Browner is former director of the EPA and President Obama's energy and environment advisor) hing//print/

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"Climategate: some comments by Prof. S. Fred Singer" on the blog for the Institute for Economic Affairs,

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Prof. Singer's televised debate with Robert Watson, former the head of the IPCC and a science advisor to Al Gore, please see  [H/t Richard Wellings] [SEPP comment: Watson's claim that the data cannot be released because it does not belong to the CRU is stunning. After billions in taxpayer money spent, the public cannot review the data because it is proprietary? It may be far cheaper to buy the data first before spending an additional pound in buying electricity to run the computer models that use data that has not been independently reviewed.]

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American Thinker: Excellent review of key issues:
"CRU's Source Code: Climategate Uncovered"
by Marc Sheppard
[H/t Joe D'Aleo -- ICECAP] source_code_climategate_r.html







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