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15 October 07


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High Court Judge attacks nine errors in 
Gore's 'alarmist' climate change film
11 Oct 07 - Mr Justice Burton said former US vice-president Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, was 'one-sided', 'alarmist' and 'exaggerated', and would breach education rules unless accompanied by a warning.

Kent school governor Stewart Dimmock brought the legal action, claiming the film was unfit for schools, and accused Labour of 'brainwashing' children with propaganda. He claimed the film was politically partisan, containing serious scientific inaccuracies and 'sentimental mush'. 

"The film contains blatant inaccuracies," said Dimmock. "It's a political shockumentary, it's not a scientific documentary."

The judge set out nine errors in the film which went against current mainstream scientific consensus:

- The film claimed that low-lying inhabited Pacific atolls "are being inundated because of anthropogenic global warming," but there was no evidence of any evacuation occurring.

- It spoke of global warming "shutting down the ocean conveyor" The judge said that, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it was "very unlikely" that the conveyor would shut down in the future, though it might slow down.

- Gore had also claimed - by ridiculing the opposite view - that two graphs, one plotting a rise in C02 and the other the rise in temperature over a period of 650,000 years, showed "an exact fit." The judge said "the two graphs do not establish what Mr. Gore asserts."

- Gore said the disappearance of snow on Mt Kilimanjaro was expressly attributable to human-induced climate change. The judge said that that could not be established.

- The drying up of Lake Chad was used as an example of global warming. The judge said: "It is apparently considered to be more likely to result from ... population increase, over-grazing and regional climate variability."

- Gore ascribed Hurricane Katrina to global warming, but there was "insufficient evidence to show that."

- Gore also referred to a study showing that polar bears were being found that had drowned "swimming long distances to find the ice". The judge said: "The only scientific study that either side before me can find is one which indicates that four polar bears have recently been found drowned because of a storm."

- The film said that coral reefs all over the world were bleaching because of global warming and other factors. The judge said separating the impacts of stresses due to climate change from other stresses, such as over-fishing, and pollution, was difficult.

The judge awarded Mr Dimmock two-thirds of his estimated legal costs of more than 200,000, ($400,000) against the government.

A Government spokesperson said it was not proposing to make any further comment on the case.





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