Gore As Religious Figure 

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28 May 07


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Gore As Religious Figure


10 May 07 - "For those who have disavowed conventional religion and have decided that man is the ultimate power - by which they mean themselves in particular, not just humanity in general - the thought that they alone can save the planet is heady stuff, indeed.

"Who needs a god when they have placed themselves at that pinnacle?

"Environmentalists have been gestating their religious fervor for a decade or more but it lacked a central, savior-like figure who they could all worship together. I think it is safe to say, though, that they have found their Christ redux.

"For Al Gore has come.

"The former vice president of one of the most scandal ridden presidencies since the Grant administration, Gore has come to his new role via the power of film. His transformation from a wooden, robotic, wonkish bore to the global warming guru cum "rock star" is complete if the reception he has gotten since his film was released is any indication.

"On Saturday, May 5th, Gore spoke the words that sent him from advocate to religious figure. Speaking to an Architect’s convention in San Antonio, Gore likened his quest to a "spiritual crisis" and placed himself and his followers into the role of savior of the planet.

"Gore is no longer trying to advance a scientific theory and solution. He thinks of himself in messianic terms and views his followers as the last hope of the planet.

"I would suggest that it won't be long before Al Gore turns the next corner taking him past fooling others and into the realm of fooling himself... if he hasn't already gotten to that place.

"Gore is no longer merely a failed candidate and past second banana to a corrupt president he is a "spiritual" leader who's past life is overshadowed by the faith and love bestowed upon him by his followers.

"Global warming is now a full-blown religion and Al Gore is their messiah."

See entire article by Warner Todd Huston



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