Not by Fire but by Ice


 Updated 3 September 2005      


Globaloney: Here an article from Reuters on "global warming."
In trying to explain some global cooling "anomalies," it actually
lends credence to what I've saying all along. Here are some excerpts:  

"Experts say that apparent anomalies, such as the growth of glaciers
 in Norway in the 1990s, can often be explained by a wider picture of
global warming because of increased snowfall." (This is what I've been
saying all along; that Norwegian glaciers were growing like crazy. By
the way, did the media ever bother to tell you this?)

"When the oceans get warmer, you get more evaporation so you create
more clouds. Then you can have more precipitation and in some areas
it can be in the form of snow," said Josefino Comiso, a senior scientist
at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. (This also is what I've been
saying all along ... except I think the warming is caused by underwater
volcanoes, not by humans.)

"He said that his research, for instance, indicated that snow was getting
deeper over higher parts of Greenland. Ice and snow in some regions of
Antarctica was also getting thicker." (This too is what I've been saying
all along: That the ice is growing thicker in both Greenland and Antarctica.)

"But some question the view of Pachauri's Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change (IPCC) that human activity is driving global warming." 
"Jon Ove Hagen, professor of glaciology at Oslo University, said most
glaciers from Alaska to the Himalayas were melting. "By contrast, in 100
years' time one expects that the Antarctic ice will increase in volume
because of more snow," he said." 

(The Antarctic Ice Sheet covers more than five million square miles. 
The Greenland Ice Sheet covers another 700,000 square miles. Put 
them together, and they cover an area twice the size of the contiguous 
United States. Put together, these two ice sheets are almost 100 times 
bigger than all of the rest of the world's glaciers put together. Ninety-nine 
percent of the world's glaciers are growing - and all we hear about are 
the ones that are melting.)




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