Global warming may be caused by underwater volcanoes

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Global warming may be caused by
underwater volcanoes
(Which I've been saying for years)

8 Dec 08 – A study by Gilbert Compo and Prashant Sardeshmukh of the University of Colorado and NOAA, and presented in the scientific journal Climate Dynamics, maintains that all of the greenhouse gases dumped into the atmosphere by humans over the last 46 years haven't affected land temperatures at all.

“The rise in land temperatures, the study states, can be tied directly to increased heat and humidity coming from warmer oceans, which in turn, the study admits, may be caused solely by natural forces.

“But if rising land temperatures are caused by rising ocean temperatures, what's causing the earth's seas to heat up?

Although admitting that it could be man-made, the study said that it could also be due to increased sun activity, underwater volcanoes or simply the earth's regular patterns.

"Although not a focus of this study," write Compo and Sardeshmukh, "the degree to which the oceans themselves have recently warmed due to increased GHG, other anthropogenic, natural solar and volcanic forcings, or internal multi-decadal climate variations is a matter of active investigation."

"A role for natural causes of at least some of the recent oceanic warming should not be ruled out."

See entire article by Drew Zahn, entitled
“Scientists find greenhouse gas hysteria to be myth”
Thanks to Tom Kadlec and Richard James for this link






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