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Global food crisis forecast

 Prices reach record highs


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Robert, It's getting uglier. World wheat and maize prices have risen 57%, rice 45% and sugar 55% over the last six months, soybeans are at their highest price for 16 months and meat prices are at 20-year highs. - Peter Pesola


26 Oct 10 - "The governments of Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines have all warned of possible food shortages next year," says this article in The Guardian.

"Last week, the US predicted that global wheat harvests would be 30m tonnes lower than last year, a 5.5% fall. Meanwhile, the price of tomatoes in Egypt, garlic in China and bread in Pakistan are at near-record levels."

Food price inflation of 21% in Egypt in the last year, 22% in the UK in three years, 17% in India and similar amounts in many other countries.

"The situation has deteriorated since September," said Abdolreza Abbassian of the UN food and agriculture organisation.  

"US government reports of much cooler-than-normal water temperatures in the Pacific, which traditionally lead to extreme weather around the world, last week added to food price uncertainties."

Did you catch that? "Much cooler-than-normal water temperatures in the Pacific ...traditionally lead to extreme weather around the world."

Why can't they just call it global cooling?"

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