Global Warming’s Last Gasp

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Global Warming’s Last Gasp
By Philip Brennan

16 Dec 08 - You folks in Fargo, N.D., who think you are shivering because it's 11 degrees below zero are badly mistaken — according to the precious computer models global warming alarmists use, it can't be that bitterly cold.

In the midst of an early winter vicious cold front that has plunged large areas of the northern United States into sub-zero temperatures, an Associated Press journalist has penned an absurd report warning that the world is in the process of being spit roasted by the alleged warming of the planet.

In a hysterical report, "Obama left with little time to curb global warming," AP writer Seth Borenstein warned that global warming "is a ticking time bomb that President-elect Barack Obama can't avoid."

                          “Is this guy totally removed from all reality?”

"How can this guy call himself a ‘science reporter?’” asked David Deming of the University of Oklahoma. "He is perhaps the worst propagandist in all the media, and that's stating something. In his latest screed, he screams: 'global warming is accelerating.'

“How then does he explain the fact that the mean global temperature [as measured by satellite] is the same as it was in 1980? How can global warming be 'accelerating' when the last two years have seen dramatic cooling? Is this guy totally removed from all reality? He completely ignores any evidence contrary to his personal beliefs, and twists everything to meet his preconceived notions."

             “Anybody who proclaims that 'Global warming is accelerating'
                                          is a liar, a fool, or both."

Richard S. Courtney, a U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) expert reviewer and a U.K.-based climate and atmospheric science consultant snorted, "Rubbish! Global warming is not 'accelerating.' Global warming has stopped. There has been no statistically significant rise in [mean global temperature or MGT] since 1995 and MGT has fallen since 1998 . . . "Arctic ice advances and recedes over decades. 2007 saw a minimum in Arctic ice cover in the short period that it has been monitored using satellites. But 2008 saw the most rapid growth in Arctic ice cover in that same period and Arctic ice cover is now back to the average it has had in the period. . . . “anybody who proclaims that 'Global warming is accelerating' is a liar, a fool, or both."

               “A collaborative effort between the world’s incompetent scientists
                          and the world’s scientifically illiterate journalists.

James A. Peden, atmospheric physicist formerly of the Space Research and Coordination Center in Pittsburgh, wrote, "The Great Global Warming Hoax appears to be a collaborative effort between the world’s incompetent scientists and the world’s scientifically illiterate journalists.

                                      “Chicken Littles of the 21st Century”

“Science Illiterates like Borenstein are the Chicken Littles of the 21st Century, spreading climate change poppycock like bread crumbs in the forest. The crumbs, hopefully, will lead them to a paycheck at the end of the week from their similarly science-illiterate employers. Well, the lower-I.Q. portion of the population has to eat, too."

Added Chemical Scientist Dr. Brian G. Valentine of the U.S. Department of Energy who has studied computational fluid dynamics and modeling of complex systems, "The world hasn’t 'warmed' in a dozen years, and over the past year not even [NASA's] Jim Hansen and his magic bag of tricks can make it appear we’re all getting 'warmer.'"

         “The climate forcing ability of carbon dioxide equals exactly zero”

Hans Schreuder, analytical chemist and webmaster of in Ipswich, England, explained, "One further critical aspect of global warming alarmists that is so fiercely debated by all is the "climate forcing" property of carbon dioxide . . . The climate forcing ability of carbon dioxide equals exactly zero — not 4 degrees C, not 1 degree C, not even 0.0001 degree C. Just plain zero."

                                            “Just follow the money!"

And Don J. Easterbrook, Ph.D., emeritus professor of geology at Western Washington University, asked, "What does it take to ignore 10 years of global cooling, sharply declining temperatures the last couple of years, record setting lack of sun spots . . . failure of computer models to predict real climate, predictable warming and cooling climates for the past 500 years. The answer is really quite simple — just follow the money!"

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Phil Brennan is a veteran investigative journalist who wrote for National Review as Cato in the 1960s and served as a staff aide in Congress and in the United States Marine Corps in World War II. He authored a book on the Shroud of Turin as well as several other works with the late Ralph de Toledano. He can be reached at




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