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26 Feb 07



Global warming is a theory, 
not scientific fact

11 Feb 07 - "Last week — the day the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its gloom and doom report on greenhouse gases — Larry King Live had a bunch of experts hashing over what it all means.

"Of six panelists, the one who made the most sense (I’m tempted to say made the only sense) was Richard Lindzen, a professor of "atmospheric science" at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"Lindzen looks a bit like how professors are depicted in cartoons — rimless glasses, a bushy beard and a bit unworldly. On TV, he is soft-spoken, courteous but fearless in challenging those who parrot conclusions no one can be certain about.

"One woman, a TV meteorologist, insisted "the science is really solid" that man-made emissions cause the global warming that so agitates the IPCC and has Americans fretting about scrapping their SUVs.

"Prof. Lindzen calmly replied he couldn’t dispute her assertion "because she never says what science she is talking about.

"Rarely mentioned is the global warming threat is not anchored in scientific fact or research, it is a hypothesis, a theory, that has yet to be proven.

"Yet unlike most scientific theories, it is politically incorrect (and in cases politically prohibited) to question its validity or demand deeper research.

"The IPCC report is based on writings of some 2,500 scientists (few of them climatologists, and many geneticists, environmentalists, etc.), and their findings are compressed into a "Summary for Policymakers" which is a political document, not a scientific one, compiled by UN spinmeisters.

"Talk of "consensus" in science is nonsense. Consensus is not truth, nor proof, it is compromise. In science, everything should be tested and becomes either true or false, or undecided.

"Whether Earth is round or flat is not a matter of "consensus." Ask Galileo. Consensus at Salem in 1692 was that witches took over childrens’ bodies.

Prof. Lindzen is a genuine scientist, ever probing and questioning. He cites scientists who’ve been fired, denied post on panels, or whose research has been rejected not for merit, but because they challenge the prevailing UN view that global warming is man-induced, and not a cyclical occurrence of nature. As for Canadians (and PM Harper), the Calgary-based website is more instructive than the IPCC.

"Predicting climate change is more than computerized models — and far more complex than predicting the weather change — which is 50% wrong at best."

See full article by Peter Worthington in the Toronto Sun:
Thanks to Tom Weatherby for this link.




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