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2 Feb 07




Global warming nothing but a paper tiger
Here are excerpts from a great guest commentary in the Contra Costa Times.
27 Jan 07 - The movie "An Inconvenient Truth," with which the indoctrinating centers in the Tri-Valley are propagandizing our children, comes across like this: We only have 10 years to return to a medieval lifestyle, to figure out how to get the sun to radiate more than 1.4 kW per square meter without melting the icecaps or to invent other "alternative" (what a ridiculous name) non-nuclear energy sources.

The Al Gore (or should I say Goebbels?) propaganda machine seeks to limit each person to 1 ton of carbon per year. The proposal is to create a system of carbon allowances that will be the rationing cards of the future.

Consider what you get from 1 ton of carbon: You could heat your house with a small electric stove (1 kilowatt) for six hours a day for 10 months of a year. Nothing would be left for cooking, lighting, hot water, refrigeration, vacuuming or washing. No travel would be possible except on foot or on bicycle. A 1-ton footprint would actually return you to a lifestyle that existed before our lifetime.

The government would dole out what bureaucrats think we should have.

Kyoto targets, however, will not be met. Two facts about the futility of controlling emissions:

1) Uncontrolled fires in China's abandoned coal mines release as much carbon dioxide as the entire nation of Japan does from useful fuel consumption.

2) The oceans and land outgas 210 billion tons per year compared to 3 billion tons per year from human activity.

Ian Murray, a critic of Gore's "work," recently detailed 25 truths that Gore conveniently leaves out of the companion book to his video because they are inconvenient to his argument.

A few examples: The relationship between temperature and carbon dioxide is not linear; therefore the graph on pages 66-67 is seriously misleading.

The Peruvian glacier pictured on Page 53 probably disappeared during a climate change a few thousand years ago.

The only way to turn off the Gulf Stream is to turn off the wind system, stop the rotation of the Earth, or both.

Perhaps the biggest lie of all is the assertion that a consensus exists on human-attributed catastrophic global warming when scientific agreement only exists on a narrower range of issues such as the increase in temperature between 1919 and 1940.

The climate charlatans play up this process to the hilt. Global warmers select whichever data tend to support their preconceived notions. They never go back to 1855 or try to explain decreases instead of increases in temperature..

Giving in to the global warming lobby when so much evidence indicates that it is a gigantic paper tiger is irresponsible, unscientific, immature and selfish.

Our children and grandchildren will ask us whether we believed the great hoax of global warming and I, for one, don't want to be telling them that I kept a chart of my carbon footprint.

Bevc received a doctorate in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley. He was a postdoctoral fellow of the National Academy of Sciences and Air Force Office of Scientific Research at Oxford University in England, conducted scientific research for the Department of Defense and the aerospace industry, and held senior staff positions at the California Public Utilities Commission. He is a resident of Danville.

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