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Updated 10 Jun 06 


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What’s the truth on global warming? Blame the sun

8 Jun 06 – “Ever since the 1970s,” says this weather service website, “we have
heard that burning fossil fuels is changing our climate. In the 1970s, we heard that
fossil fuels were creating dust in the atmosphere and therefore, blocking sun
energy. Now we are hearing that CO2 'traps' heat. This is true, CO2 does lead 
to a warmer climate but because Earth is so complex we can not simply say X
amount of CO2 will result in X amount of warming. The media makes the problem
worse by only reporting on the extremists and their so called "research". 

“There are many things that we do not understand as of yet. Solar activity is
probably the main source of the warming we have been seeing the past 100 years.
As solar activity rose in the late 1800s/early 1900s, so did the temperature.
Maybe we should have invented the automobile in the mid 1950s so we could
have seen that Earth was on a warming trend without cars. When one looks at 
the 'hockey stick' temperature graph that was presented to the public, it looks 
like fossil fuels must be the cause. [However], when we look at solar activity 
and the global temperature, we can see that it follows very closely.

”We keep hearing reports that we have reached some sort of "tipping point". 
No we haven't. If solar activity were to take a dive tomorrow, the temperatures
would cool significantly. Solar activity has overpowered any effect that CO2 has
had before, and it most likely will again. In fact, we should be more afraid of a
cooling trend because of a solar minimum that will peak in 2030 that could be 
fairly large. As we saw from a minor solar minimum in the mid 1900s, the
Earth suddenly started to cool. If we were to have even a medium sized solar
minimum, we could be looking at a lot more bad effects than 'global warming'
would have had.

“Its hard to find an article on global warming that doesn’t say "projected" or
another word that means projected. How can we possibly believe we can predict
the future using a climate model? We do not understand a lot of what goes on. 
The answer is that we can not believe what we see in these models because a 
lot of the variables are missing.

“I'm not saying that Earth won't continue to warm and that we are causing it, 
but what I'm saying is that we can't be so sure. My personal belief is that solar
activity and other natural factors are the main cause and CO2 is only a small 
part of this.

Update: The May temperature data is in. Globally, May was +.2C above normal.
Northern hemisphere was +.6C above normal and the southern hemisphere went
below normal for the first time in a few years, -.1C. The south pole averaged one
degree C below normal. It’s very strange that the northern hemisphere was so
warm, while the southern hemisphere was so cold. There are some signs that the
global temperature is about to follow the southern hemisphere in the next few

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