Global Warming Not Affected by Man 

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26 September 07


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Global Warming Not Affected by Man 
Another great article by Phillip Brennan
25 Sep 07 - "The mass hysteria over the alleged warming of the planet, with everyone from the President to, reportedly, even the Pope buying into the global warming alarms and calling for Draconian steps to stop Mother Nature from turning up the thermostat reminds me of one of the more bizarre examples of widespread panic created by a fictional crisis.

"On Oct. 30, 1938, Orson Welles broadcast an adaptation of "The War of the Worlds," H.G. Wells' story about a Martian invasion. The broadcast consisted of breaking news bulletins that warned that Martian invaders had landed on earth and were waging warfare against humanity in the streets of New York and elsewhere.

"Now an awful lot of people are doing the equivalent of racing down the streets screeching "the ice is melting, run for the hills! The sea levels are rising and will soon engulf coastal areas like Florida and New York City!"

"It is instructive to take a careful look at the main thrust of the global warming campaign - that the alleged warming is being caused by solar heat being trapped in the earth's atmosphere by a build up of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere that is caused largely by human activity.

"We are warned that the only way we can stop a disastrous warming of the planet is to put a limit on anthroprogenic (man-made) sources of CO2.

"However ...the anthroprogenic sources of CO2 account for exactly 0.11 percent of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. In other words, 99.89 percent of the greenhouse effect has not a damn thing to do SUVs, jet travel, backyard barbecues or any other human activity.

"It's minuscule ... it's nothing.

"Anthroprogenic produced CO2 in the atmosphere is hardly measurable when compared to say water vapor, and reducing it by the tiniest percentages by taking Draconian measures wouldn't have any effect on global warming, if indeed there is such a thing, but it would sure make life a lot less tolerable for most of us."

See entire article by Phillip Brennan:






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