Media Heighten Global Warming Hysteria

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Media Heighten Global Warming Hysteria
By: Philip V. Brennan



5 Feb 08 - The old adage that everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it is no longer true.

The media, you see, prefers to talk about "the climate," support the efforts of those who claim the world must do something drastic about it, and castigate anybody who has the effrontery to dismiss the whole climate change thing as a dangerous hoax.

Talking about everyday weather round the globe would poke giant holes in their case for global warming and their insistence that drastic action must be taken to stop something that the evidence clearly shows is not happening.

This is nothing short of criminal conduct. Should the media get their way America will cease to be the land of the free, the economy will be deliberately scuttled, and the acolytes of Karl Marx will reign supreme. And the media will share much of the blame.

... we are told we must surrender our economic liberties to a global authority which will manage the economy and in the process, our way of living itself. Proposed legislation in Congress, for example, carries a price tag designed to send the free market economy, now already ailing, swirling down the drain, and empty our pockets with confiscatory tax policies.

The media's complicity in this shameful scam is their adamant refusal to report anything that calls into question the claims of Mr. Gore and his followers, especially the weather.

Ask yourself how many stories you've seen in the media concerning the frigid weather Ma Nature is inflicting on the world. How many headlines, found almost solely on have you read in the mainstream media:

The article goes on to list many examples of non-existent reporting:



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