Global Warming Getting Colder

Not by Fire but by Ice



  9 April 2006      


Is Global Warming Getting Colder?

Here’s a great article by Alan Caruba.

"The first thing we have to do is fire all the reporters, editors and 
headline writers who have not got a clue about "global warming" 
except that it scares the hell out of readers and sells newspapers.

"Such stories are best distinguished by how many times the words 
"probably", "may", and "could" occur in the body of the text. These 
are very slippery words used by so-called scientists trying to justify 
their latest "findings."

"At no time is the activity of the Sun ever mentioned, nor is the 
increased volcanic activity in the Earth’s oceans, nor the fact that no
one knows why clouds do what they do.

"On a recent CBS "Sixty Minutes" program, NASA’s James Hansen 
proclaimed that humans now control the Earth’s climate. Do you get 
that funny feeling that there is a major, coordinated, propaganda 
campaign to convince us—one more time—that global warming 
is real?

"Dr. Hansen cited as evidence that the edges of the Greenland ice 
sheet were rapidly melting. He attributed this to man-made greenhouse 
gases. Apparently Dr. Hansen had not read up on the history of 
Greenland because, as Dr. Dennis Avery, a senior fellow for 
Hudson Institute, pointed out, "Melting around the edges is exactly 
what the Vikings saw on Greenland 1,000 years ago when they 
named the island—for its green coastal meadows."

"During a period climatologists now call the "Medieval Warming", 
the Vikings thrived for some 300 years. Then the "Little Ice Age" 
began and, by 1408, Greenland was, well, really cold and the 
Vikings had abandoned the place. Dr. Avery points out that 
"Our panic-prone scientists seem to have forgotten their own 
ice cores, drilled deep into the Greenland ice sheet in the 1980s." 
Those ice cores revealed that the Earth is in a constant cycle 
between hot and cold climate. "

See the full article, published on 5 Apr 06, at:


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