Global Warming Causing Global Cooling

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23 Apr 07



Global Warming Causing Global Cooling

"Possible impending global cooling is causing "alarm," says the UK's Guardian, and it may be caused by global warming.

"Massively oversimplified, the (following) article refers to a phenomenon in which melting Arctic water slows a huge Atlantic Ocean current that delivers warm water from the topics north toward Europe, Iceland, northern North America and Greenland. The result of the slowing warm water current is a temperature reduction in the northern Atlantic and adjacent land masses.

"This has happened before in human history, and may be one of the causes (natural cyclical changes in solar radiance being another) of the Little Ice Age.

"The theory that human-produced carbon dioxide is causing the planet to warm - popularly known as the "global warming" theory - gets nearly all the press, but our planet's weather patterns are driven by forces more powerful than anything mankind has the ability to control."
(The above headline and copy refers to the following article.)

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Alarm over dramatic weakening of Gulf Stream

1 Dec 05 - "Researchers on a scientific expedition in the Atlantic Ocean measured the strength of the current between Africa and the east coast of America and found that the circulation has slowed by 30% since a previous expedition 12 years ago.

"The current, which drives the Gulf Stream, delivers the equivalent of 1m power stations-worth of energy to northern Europe, propping up temperatures by 10C in some regions. Previous expeditions to check the current flow in 1957, 1981 and 1992 found only minor changes in its strength, although a slowing was picked up in a further expedition in 1998.

"If the current remains as weak as it is, temperatures in Britain are likely to drop by an average of 1C in the next decade, according to Harry Bryden at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton who led the study. "Models show that if it shuts down completely, 20 years later, the temperature is 4C to 6C degrees cooler over the UK and north-western Europe," Dr Bryden said.

"Although climate records suggest that the current has ground to a halt in the distant past, the prospect of it shutting down entirely within the century are extremely low, according to climate modellers.

"The current is essentially a huge oceanic conveyor belt that transports heat from equatorial regions towards the Arctic circle. Warm surface water coming up from the tropics gives off heat as it moves north until eventually, it cools so much in northern waters that it sinks and circulates back to the south. There it warms again, rises and heads back north. The constant sinking in the north and rising in the south drives the conveyor.

"Chris West, director of the UK climate impacts programme at Oxford University's centre for the environment, said: "The only way computer models have managed to simulate an entire shutdown of the current is to magic into existence millions of tonnes of fresh water and dump it in the Atlantic. It's not clear where that water could ever come from, even taking into account increased Greenland melting."

(As you know if you've read "Not by Fire but by Ice," I think that water would come from moisture evaporated from the warmer oceans - warmer oceans heated, not by humans, but by underwater volcanoes. It's all part of the ice-age cycle.)

See full article by Ian Sample:,3605,1654803,00.html?gusrc=rss
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