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17 September 07


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No Global Dimming
Here’s another great e-mail from a reader

Last night (Sept 4, 2007), PBS aired a Nova documentary named "Global
Dimming". The product was filled with scientists flying around the world in
search of the cause of our planet not heating up into a fireball based on
their assertions of temperature rise.

There is only one explanation, the clouds are causing the sun not to shine
brightly on our planet and thus not being able to heat us up. Clouds work
that way, ya know. Global dimming is so powerful that it is offsetting the
effects of global warming.

The only way to halt this global dimming is to clean up the pollution that
is causing dirty cloud formation which causes more water vapor to hang
around in the clouds and thus reflects more sun back into space. Thus,
global dimming.

When the reality of global warming hasn't come true and blaming humanity
isn't enough, well then, just invent another tragedy. However, if the
really smart people cure the planet of global dimming, then the really dire
effects of global warming will come true because the sun will then be able
to heat the atmosphere again.

Truly amazing. I had hoped that Nova would be a last stand against junk
science, but all good things must come to an end.

Now if we can just do something about bovine outgassing. Maybe use the gas
to rid ourselves of our dependency on foreign oil.....

Dave Ballard




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