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Glaciers growing in Spain (Pyrinees)

Mainstream media somehow missed it


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10 Jan 11 - For the first time in the last 10 years, el glaciar del Infierno (the glacier of Hell) in the Tena Valley has advanced.

This startling revelation was reported last year, on October 20, 2010, but the mainstream media seems to have somehow missed it. An honest mistake, I'm sure.

One of the last remaining glacial phenomena in the southern Pyrenees, Hell had been in a state of steady decline. But this last summer Hell advanced and "now has a healthy look enhanced with the arrival of fresh snow in recent days."

While this progress may be an isolated incident, says this article on, the news was received with excitement among experts because the advance breaks the previous trend.

I doubt that it is an isolated incident. It's more likely an isolated case of honest reporting.

According to JosÚ Antonio Cuchi, a geologist and professor at the University of Zaragoza, Hell has "a thick layer of hard snow, about four meters thickness on pre-existing ice, and she is already falling on fresh snow." Pictures from the last two Septembers show the dramatic difference in ice mass in just one year.

Click link below to see photos. The difference is indeed dramatic.

According CuchÝ, the phenomenon may be due to weather conditions this year. (No kidding.) The 2009-2010 winter was abundant in summer snow and snow fields have remained on the south side of the Pyrenees. Also storms in recent weeks have deposited fresh snow on the snowfields.

See entire article:
Thanks to Mauricio Poves for this link

Here's Mauricio's email:

Dear Robert,

I am following your website since ca. 1 year and I like very much your theories.

If you want I can send you also news from the Iberian Peninsula concerning climate change. In this one you can read about the growing of a glacier in the Pyrinees:

If you need any more infos, translations, etc. you have a friend here. Tell me, please, what you need me to send you whenever an interesting new is coming out.

My best regards,
Mauricio Poves


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