Glacier Park

Not by Fire but by Ice



 Updated 5 Oct 02      


                 Glaciers in Montana's Glacier Park 
                        on the verge of growing

5 Oct 2002. The Going-to-the-Sun road through Glacier Park opened 
on one of the latest dates since the road was built, on 28 June, says Darrell 
Christofferson, who lives near the park. The reason for the late opening was 
a blizzard on the 12th of June, said Christofferson. Up to four feet of snow 
fell in the vicinity of Logan Pass and halted  plowing of the road. 

In addition, snow fell early on Logan Pass this fall, said Christofferson. Three 
to four inches of snow fell on the pass during the last week of September, forcing 
closure of the road for a few days. This year's Sun road "season" has been the 
shortest ever.

To exacerbate matters, cold weather has arrived in the area earlier than 
It will be interesting to see how much snow from last season remains 
when they plow next spring. 

I think this is yet one more signal that we're on the verge of an ice age.

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