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  Get your hands out of my wallet
    and your boots off of my back!
Stop the EPA's attack on your freedom


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19 Apr 09 - In a landmark decision long pushed for by some environmentalists and
money-hungry politicians, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has almost
officially declared CO2 -- AKA plant food, the air you exhale, the bubbles in beer,
and the basis of all life -- a "pollutant", and causes global warming.

What are they talking about? The Earth is cooling, for God’s sake!

Do not let the EPA and the Obama administration continue to push the hoax of
the century on you.

We need CO2 just to stay alive

CO2 is neither a pollutant nor a climate driver. We need CO2 just to stay alive.

If the EPA succeeds in its proposed finding, this will in effect give the government
the LEGAL ABILITY to tax and severely control nearly everything in our lives,
ranging from driving your car all the way to switching on a television, using a hairdryer,
mowing your lawn, or heaven forbid burning a candle, using your air conditioner, or
burning wood in your fireplace.

The EPA’s new rules and regulations could increase your energy bill by $3,000.00
per year. And that's just for starters.

This madness must be stopped!

This EPA "finding" cannot be allowed. Millions of people in the third world will pay
with their lives
for this outrageous way of thinking, especially if this type of unscientific policy spreads around the world as many environmentalists are hoping for. Countless
souls have already starved to death thanks to the nonsensical push for biofuels which
has taken over food crops around the world. This madness must be stopped.

The EPA is taking comments from the public for 60 days before their decision is
finalized, so please make your voices heard. Tell the legislators and politicians that
we aren't going to fall for it, and tell them to throw their junk science out the window
along with this ridiculous idea that carbon is "pollution".

Do it now, and spread the word to everyone you know.

Submit your comments to the EPA

You can submit your comments directly to this e-mail address:

In the “subject” line of your email, put the following:
“Comments directed to
Docket ID No.EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0171”

Then at the very beginning of your email, say the same thing again:
“Comments directed to
Docket ID No.EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0171”

Tell them that CO2 is not a pollutant, it’s a plant food, and refer them to

(If you can figure out how to do it, you can also submit your comments through
the Federal eRulemaking Portal: It will allow you
to submit your comments anonymously.)

Refer to any of the articles on my webpage 

If you go to and click on the “Dissenters” tab at the top
of the page, you’ll find many, many scientists who disagree with the man-made
global-warming scenario. You are welcome to refer to any of those articles.

     - Tell them that we already have enough laws on the books.

     - Tell them that CO2 does not cause climate change in any way, shape or form.

     - Tell them that 31,000 scientists dispute the UN's global warming claims

     - Tell them that the Antarctic Ice Sheet is growing, not shrinking

     - Tell them that glaciers are growing in California

     - Tell them that Alaska's glaciers are growing for the first time in 250 years

     - Tell them that the sun controls our climate, not man

     - Tell them that Carbon is not causing global warming or climate change

Contact your Congressman

Then contact your Congressman and your Senator and ask them to stop the
madness! Tell them that you want them to take their hands out of your wallet,
and their boots off of your back!

You must take action now!

Tell them NO!

You have fewer than 60 days to protest the EPA's attack on your freedom.

                                     Comments from readers:

EPA regulation of "greenhouse gases" is a threat to America's
economy and will raise the cost of EVERYTHING we do
24 Apr 09 - Here’s a great response to the EPA.
See EPA Threat to America's Economy

Thanks for posting the info about this - hopefully the EPA will be flooded (no pun intended - mostly) with e-mails about this decision. Sadly I don't think they will do anything as they are of the mindset that the science is settled and those who object are like Sargent Schultz (we know nothing).

Thanks for the world-class website.
                               Lionel B. Dyck


The EPA Instructions-comments instruction also says to suggest alternatives.
Stating that you prefer they do nothing is probably a good idea. Thanks for all
the wonderful information and the great books.
                                     Pete Joyce, La Luz, New Mexico


I think we have to address all the gases mentioned by EPA, not only  CO2 but also methane etc. We not only have to address the EPA plans for control via the Clean 
Air Act but also the Clean Water Act. Every protest will help and you are right. We
have to stop this madness.
                                     Ron de Haan


Comments directed to Docket ID No.EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0171

I have just recently read about this and find myself wondering how science and fantasy have managed to come together at the EPA.

CO2 is only dangerous when one is in an enclosed/sealed area and the exhaled CO2 replaces the O2 such that one is unable to get the necessary O2 to survive.

Plants on the other hand *LOVE* CO2. The more CO2 they can get the faster and bigger they grow.

The planet on the other hand could care less about CO2 as it neither increases or decreases the mean temperature - that has been proven time and again by many reputable scientists. The famous Al Gore CO2 chart that demonstrated the relationship between CO2 and the mean temperature has been proven false (you can find the evidence by looking at a chart of the CO2 with the temperature on it and you will see that the CO2 increased *AFTER* the temperature increased.

Thus CO2 is not a problem and it is definitely not the cause of global warming (or climate change). 

Please recall your world history - why was Greenland called Greenland?  Because it was *NOT* covered in ice because the world wide mean temperature was warmer than it is today. This is scientific and historical fact. The world has also been colder, as when the Thames in London froze over.

Use some common sense when you evaluate supposed scientific theories, as that is what the CO2 issue is - a theory, and that theory has no foundation in fact and can not be validated by the scientific method.

The cause of climate change is our SUN and its sunspot cycle. This has been proven in numerous scientific articles with solid scientific facts to prove the theory.

Please abandon your plans to regulate CO2 and lets finally acknowledge that climate change is beyond the control of mankind.

(btw. how much CO2 and other gasses have the various volcanoes released into the atmosphere recently - if CO2 is really a problem then we need to find a way to plug the volcanoes). 
                                  Lionel B. Dyck


CO2 essential to the health and well-being of our bodies
21 Apr 09 - Here's an email from a reader (with a copy of her comments to the
EPA) attesting to the benefits of CO2 in connection with respiratory problems.
I had no idea that CO2 could help asthma and allergy sufferers.
See CO2 essential to the health and well-being of our bodies


Comments directed to Docket ID No.EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0171

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is a plant food. The present increase in CO2 levels is beneficial to our planet, whereas regulation of CO2 would be grossly detrimental.

The simple science is that oxygen is produced by plants which they exhale after they have taken in CO2 and converted it to sugars for their growth. Plants require CO2 to exist just as we humans require oxygen. As the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increases, the plants grow more vigorously. Current levels of atmospheric CO2 stand at 385 ppm, but research shows that plants grow most vigorously at 1000 to 1200 ppm. 


This information is used by commercial greenhouses who pump in up to 1200 ppm, which increases yields by a factor of four. And there is an environmental side benefit because the plants then use less water.


This information comes from long-time climatologist Dr. Timothy Ball. For more data on the benefits of CO2, see


Please drop any plans for regulating CO2.

Robert W. Felix





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