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Get Ready for Global Cooling
By E. Ralph Hostetter

19 Dec 07 - There is growing evidence that the sun itself - the giver of all energy to the planet - plays a major role in the warming and cooling of the planet, cited by dozens of reputable scientists based on a history of climate and temperatures dating back thousands of years.

When the sun is active with sunspot and solar storms, more solar energy reaches the earth. When the sun is dormant (void) of such storms, less energy is emitted and temperatures on the earth begin to cool.

At present, the sun is approaching a more dormant status, and temperatures that reached a high at the turn of the century have now stabilized at slightly lower levels.

Dr. David Whitehouse, British scientist, gives an overview in the U.K. Independent ( on 5 Dec. 2007: "Something is happening to our Sun . . . It has to do with sun spots . . . after a period of exceptionally high activity in the 20th century, our Sun has suddenly gone exceptionally quiet. Months have passed with no spots visible on the disc."

Dr. Whitehouse continues, "Between 1645 and 1715, sunspots were rare. About 50 were observed. There should have been 50,000 . . . The earth's northern hemisphere chilled with devastating consequences . . . Scientists called the event the "little ice age."

"In the mid-17th century, demographic growth stopped . . . in part due to reduced crop yields caused by climate change . . . Hunger weakened the population."

This revelation does not mean that the global warming issue has come to an end — by no means.

The global warming hucksters led by former Vice President Al Gore, now a Nobel Prize honoree, have too great an investment to give up easily.

The corrupt, dishonest media has so much global warming egg on its face it will fight to the bitter end rather than admit it has played such a major role in the "hoax of the century," so described by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., ranking member of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Several years will yet have to pass to establish the fact the globe is actually cooling. The years 2009-10 should establish that global cooling has begun.

What we do have to worry about are the "land mines" the present global warmers have placed in our path in the form of legislation to impose a tax system involving carbon credits that could cost the U.S. taxpayer trillions of dollars in the foreseeable future.

The cooling effect of the Sun's inactivity will take several more years to establish itself as a genuine measure of climate direction.

The nation will know if and when the solar observations prove to be true. At that time, Al Gore and all the global warming hucksters will claim credit for the change in climate.

* * *

E. Ralph Hostetter, a prominent businessman and agricultural publisher, also is a national and local award-winning columnist.

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