As a geologist ...

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13 Dec 06  

As a geologist ...


Here's a letter that I received today from a geologist who 
agrees with my assessment as to what triggers ice ages. I'm 
posting it with the writer's permission.

Hi Robert:

Great web site! I have both a BS and an MS in geology, and I teach full time at a community college in a northern suburb of Chicago.

All through college and grad school I was torn between volcanology and Quaternary geology, so I spent quite a bit of time doing research in climatology, and what triggers the ice age cycle. You are so very right -- it is a slight increase in temperature, and the resulting increase in precipitation, that triggers ice sheet growth.....And have you read about the 30% decrease in the North Atlantic Current? What happens to Greenland, Iceland, The British Isles, and Europe as a result? It gets damn cold!

I talk to my students about this topic every semester, not just when we are covering glacial geology, but at different points throughout the term. I want them to know that they shouldn't take every alarmist claim at face value. Fear is a means of controlling a population, and since the cold war has ended, the government needed new fuel for its control fire.

Anyway, keep up the great work! On my end, from here on out, I intend to make it an assignment for my students to visit your website. Actually, it was one of my students this past semester that gave me your site, and he is going into environmental science -- so there may be hope for the masses yet!


Georgia D. Brown
Instructor of Geology & Oceanography
College of Lake County
Grayslake, IL






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